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Active Insight Celebrates 25 Years of Serving The Active Leisure Sector

Active Insight Celebrates 25 Years of Serving The Active Leisure Sector

In 1999, Mike Hill recognised an opportunity to support the leisure sector with cost effective market and business intelligence data. From that initial idea and small start-up business, it would have been hard to imagine that 25 years on, Active Insight would be the sector’s largest data provider.

Now offering Customer Insight, Market Intelligence and People Development, alongside its flagship event active-net, which is also celebrating its 10th year now, the business has supported hundreds of organisations over its 25 year history.

Although Active Insight has grown significantly over the years, David Monkhouse is proud that the purpose has always stayed the same, “We were founded, and have remained true to the focus of providing high quality, meaningful data across the fitness and cultural industries. We wanted to give better clarity on business decisions based around public perceptions, customer insight and business intelligence. Decisions that positively impact physical activity rates are being made across the sector every day by countless leisure operators, based on the data that we provide, that is something we are immensely proud of”.

One of the key areas that Active Insight has continued to lead across the sector is the development of customer experience management. Active Insight’s CX Platform has been supporting leisure operators to use real, actionable data to manage their business for many years now. But this year that platform takes a new approach, with a fully redesigned suite that for the first time delivers real-time data across the Sales Focus, Swim Focus, Onboard, Feedback Focus, NPS and Recovery Focus platforms; this is data that will help operators to acquire and retain members throughout each stage of the journey.

Julie Allen, Active Insight’s Business Development Director, said “Working with 4Global, we have made huge strides in the development of the CX platform this year. Our vision is that CX becomes an essential tool that leisure operators manage their business by day to day. When you open your laptop in the morning it will be the first and only tool you need, you can make decisions based on real time data to improve the operational management of your facility, and then check back in throughout the day to see the impact. One screen gives you the full overview of your business. This is going to be a game-changer.”

With Feedback Focus and NPS already live and available for access, the new CX platform will be further expanded later this year with new builds of ‘Onboard’, a platform designed to support new members through the vital early phases of membership, ‘Sales’, ‘Swim’ and ‘Recovery’.

It is set to be an exciting second half of 2024 ahead!

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