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feedback-Focus is our most popular service on the e-Focus platform!


Insights into the thoughts of your customers

This tool is the perfect way to get a real insight into what your customers are thinking, in real time! Our simple, short feedback form allows you to collect impressions from your customers before it is delivered right into your secure, bespoke platform and designated email inbox..

Operators can see feedback from all sites, contract managers can view their contract and  Centre Managers have access to their own centres, allowing secure management of their data and no access to the data from any other centres.


What can the service offer me?

feedback-Focus has a number of great features to help you understand what your customers want to tell you.

  • Separation between comment, compliment and complaint for targeted understanding of customer comments.
  • Optional response option for customers to request a follow up.
  • Bespoke service selection; i.e. pool, gym, fitness centre, reception, climbing wall, catering to allow a clearer method of reporting comments.
  • Bespoke data sets including;
    • Comment/Complaint/Compliment comparison.
    • Response rate from staff
    • Quarterly and monthly analysis
    • Business area breakdown
    • Type of comment breakdown

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