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Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score® Benchmarks Your Facility

Net Promoter Score

Benchmarking your business against competitors

Net Promoter Score® is the one of the most recognised methods of benchmarking your business against competitors through just one single question. Whilst this is a very popular approach to finding out more about your customers, we’re actually one of only four officially accredited to deliver this question to your customers. Used across a number of different industries; including tech, hospitality and clothing, NPS is one of the best ways to get to grips with what your customers want.

As another service we provide on the e-Focus platform, the NPS question is fantastic addition to your customer insight arsenal.

But why us?

Well… it’s all well and good knowing exactly what your customers think of your service, but what about knowing what this means in the grand scheme of things? Whilst keeping business and site names individual, we let you know where each of your sites sit in relation to one another, as well as your results in the context of the national average. Using the data we collect from all of our clients we can provide data from a bespoke timeframe; whether monthly, quarterly or yearly.

We can deliver this question for you through our own mailing software or SMS platform, scheduling it at a time to suit your needs and taking the work out of it for you! Alternatively, we can provide a template for you to send this out to your customers yourselves.

What can the service offer me?

NPS has a number of great features to help you understand what your customers want.

  • Optional open text box for an expansion on customer score.
  • Optional response option if you would like to contact customers to follow up.
  • Optional voucher option to thank customers for their response.
  • Bespoke data sets including;
    • NPS score
    • Response rate from staff
    • Quarterly and monthly analysis
    • Business area breakdown*
    • Type of comment breakdown*
    • Operator and national comparisons

* These comments require some additional interaction by staff to apply these KPIs.

Not convinced?

Well, in April 2018 to end March 2019 saw over 19,500 submissions to our platform. That’s 19,500 opinions and scores that can help you make smarter operational choices.

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