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recovery-Focus is the newest tool as part of our e-Focus Platform alongside DataHub


Tracking actions & interactions

Focused on customer retention, recovery-Focus allows the user to accurately track actions and interactions with the customer from the point of cancellation submission, right through to retention.

Allocation of appropriate staff member can happen as soon as the completed form has been received. If you are already using other e-Focus services this can be accessed right from your dashboard, meaning there is no messy signing in and out of different programs!

Keep track of progress

Managers can keep track of team progress through the reporting function, as well as generate reports for senior members of staff to see which incentives or offers work best for keeping customers on board.

Auto-cancellation is a vital function on that platform too, ensuring that cancellations are not left ignored and sites can avoid any unnecessary refunds.

A Testimonial

Lesley Aitken Trafford Leisure

Thank you for your support. This has been a very helpful tool for tracking requests to freeze or cancel and the customer contact hub to have valuable communication with customers. It has enabled Trafford Leisure’s members to request to freeze or cancel and enabled staff to have a conversation of support and they’ve been able to advise those wanting to cancel to choose freeze. The opportunity for a conversation led to staff being able to share live-streamed and catch-up classes, as well as other initiatives to help customers to keep moving and connected with the brand at home. Not all customers have requested to freeze or cancel, many are still paying their monthly direct debit. The auto email following a customer’s request has also been a golden nugget to support the must needed communications. This had frequently been updated to align with what was needed to share with customers. Again – Thank you so much for your kind support and generosity during this difficult time.

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