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Sales-Focus is our Customer Enquiry Management Tool


Manage & Log Inbound Enquiries

sales-Focus allows you to effectively manage incoming membership enquiries, logging important data and stats about staff and customer interaction to ensure the best possible service is on offer. You can use the data to create bespoke reports around customer enquiries to give you a greater picture of where a higher number of enquiries come in from, or to work out where needs a greater push in order to encourage more enquiries.

sales-Focus is our newest addition to the Customer Insight Platform.

sales-Focus was created as a response to research carried out by Lesley Aitken of Nurturing Skills in partnership with existing clients. Lesley’s research around response times for online membership enquiries resulted in some surprising results, click here for the infographic.

What is perhaps most important about sales-Focus is that it seamlessly combines with two other services available on DataHub – you can find out more here and visit Datahub’s website here.

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