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Recovery-Focus has been in place at xxx Leisure Centre and xx Leisure Centre (both in a rural location) since April 1st 2019.

Summary below 1st April 2019 to 31st January 2020;

 Applications to cancelMembers recoveredRecovered %Extra MonthsExtra Income
  • 68 members were ineligible to cancel (still in contract)
  • 13 recovered members are currently in suspend (so may become active again in the future)
  • Of those ‘recovered’ 16 did not make another payment (H 3 / G 13)
  • The above includes 5 annuals, all at G
  • Excluding staff time, the cost is £600 per year (£300 per site)
  • Potential 12-month impact is £6500 extra income


In addition to retaining members for longer the tool has enabled the gathering of greater insight to reasons for joining and for leaving.

Members cited ‘not using my membership enough’ at the most common reason for cancelling (33%) which provided teams with a good angle to explore the underlying reasons and supported by ‘toolkit’ incentives, discuss how we could reengage them with our services

Encouragingly nearly 75% of leavers would consider re-joining in the future.

  • This supports a re-joining offer 3-6 months after cancelling.

For those not recovered, the tool offers a slicker, consistent and arguably more professional leaving experience for the customer, enabling our teams to reinforce their value as a member and maintaining a positive brand image.

The management of the tools and resources to administrate the process have been challenging. H used a Duty Manager to head up the process, delivering a more consistent and quicker response to cancellations. Whilst G used the MSA, which whilst not as consistently responsive delivered more impactful results.

However, demonstrating the positive impact should give AM’s and LM’s the confidence to dedicate extra resources where required. The learnings suggest that a small team of around 3 with good product knowledge and communication skills would be best placed to maximise the effectiveness of the tool.

It is recommended that x LC adopt the tool in Q2 with x LC added later in 2020. Consideration should also be given to include all sites (possibly as clusters) joining later in 2020 or early 2021.

Click the play button to watch our full discussion LED Leisure about how recovery-Focus works for them.

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