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Leisure-net is evolving...

Leisure-net is evolving…

As we enter our 25th anniversary, Leisure-net is evolving to our new name Active-Insight.

Nearly 25 years ago, Mike Hill set up Leisure-net to help improve the “insight” of the active leisure sector, supporting partners to understand their customer needs and create excellent customer experiences in the new ‘online age’.

Leisure-net grew through partnerships with many organisations, such as CLOA and SPORTA, supporting the development of customer feedback, Net Promoter Score and non-user research in the sector. In addition, for many years it run Sport England’s National Benchmarking Service, the predecessor of the current Moving Communities, and helped create and support some of the industry’s leading networking events such as SIBEC and its own active-net.

David Monkhouse joined in 2014 after working with Mike on a very successful active-net bringing further learning and development and consultancy to Leisure-nets partners.

As a business, reflection and development is vital, Covid gave us a chance to do both!

Winning ukactive’s Business Continuity and Success in Covid award in 2021 was testament to our approach to supporting colleagues whilst finding new ways to operate.

This constant review and reflection is part of our DNA. Earlier this year David and Mike bought out 3 brilliant past shareholders, regaining 100% ownership of the business, and appointed our first Business Development Director – Julie Allen. These actions, together with a complete rebrand and a ‘make over’ of e-Focus and the services delivered by this platform, demonstrate the company’s continual commitment to constant improvement and evolution. David commented on the evolution of Leisure-net to our new name of Active-Insight – “This is a brilliant opportunity to re-focus our efforts to support partners to deliver the best customer experiences possible, based on research, insight and feedback. Most importantly align our business with our active wellbeing partners with a name that truly reflects the brilliant people and organisations we support”

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