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User and Non User Research

User and Non-User Research Provides Valuable Data!

User and Non User Research

Did you know that 52% of adults want to be more active? So, what’s stopping them from doing it?

Well, we know the number one barrier stopping them is work related time pressures, but what can you do to encourage them? Especially as 32% of them state they are open to the idea of using your centres?

And did you know …

  • The average NPS of a leisure centre user in 2018 is 29%
  • The things Customers are most happy with are group exercise classes
  • The thing Customers are most unsatisfied with are the interaction provided by gym instructors?
  • Turn insight into action and make real changes to impact on activity levels and the bottom line.

At Active Insight, we know all these things and many more about your non-users and your customers, because we have been carrying out market leading research in the active-leisure sector for the last 15 years.

When did you last really listen to your customers and your community to find out what they think? We compare these findings to market leading benchmarks, derived from tens of thousands of NPS surveys and thousands of non-user surveys, exclusive to Leisure-net.

We carry out one off and ongoing research using a variety of on and off-line methods and then help you interpret it so that you can make a difference.

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