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Quarter 2 / 2019 Update

Quarter 2 / 2019 Update


Feedback from active-net has been outstanding after this year’s event. We are really pleased to have supported such a worthwhile cause in DKMS whilst still retaining our core goal of networking and educational seminars. If you would like to find out more about the event, you can read our short review of active-net 2019 or visit the main active-net website.

We also saw some excellent coverage of our NBS work in S&PA Spring. With an increase of 40% in the number of sites participating in the exercise, we are seeing a greater clarity in our findings each year, providing key data for sites across England to help target and improve the services they offer. Turn to page 8 to find out more here.


Following on from the 2018 NBS report, we are pleased to announce that Longwell Green (Circadian Trust) was the best performing facility across profitability and efficiency. Check out this PDF to find out more about what they have been doing to achieve this! 


The full State of the Sector NBS report for 2018 is now available for download. This document is full of important information looking at how the sector is performing and where specific areas of society are not engaging with leisure activities as much as other groups; such as socioeconomic classes and age bands. You can download the full document here.

Alongside the fantastic results from Longwell Green, we are pleased to also announce some excellent work has been happening over at Serco Leisure’s Basingstoke Aquadome, winning two awards! Read more about their successes here.

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