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We work with some of the biggest leisure operators and authorities across the country. We are proud of these partnerships; helping these organisations to deliver top level customer service by working with them to provide vital insight into their customers’ thoughts.

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The Hideaways Club

Measuring, monitoring and reviewing the member experience is critical to our company’s success, and Active Insight has assisted us develop a seamless and effortless way to gain feedback from our members. Our membership base is successful because it is built on a solid foundation of like-minded individuals – CEOs, company directors, entrepreneurs and sports personalities – all of whom are looking for that extra something from their holidays, and their investments.

During this time member feedback returns have increased from 22% to over 65%; more than 700 feedbacks per year, which is increasing year on year, providing a very accurate, current overview of how service delivery is perceived by members.

We ask members/guests a series of online questions with focus on the key aspects of their experience; from cleanliness, property maintenance to concierge services, highlighting issues we need to react quickly to, with the aim of improving all aspects our performance – ensuring our very high standards are being maintained consistently. Our NPS (Net Promoter Score) is a critical part of this.

All members results are fed back to me and my operations team, and I personally respond to any unusual issues or areas of concern. Our members are delighted their feedback is being heard and taken in a constructive manner. It’s one of our key performance indicators. Our NPS has improved since we started using Active Insight’s feedback system, and now regularly hits 80-90% which puts us right up there with the highest performing NPS “stars” like Apple and Amazon.

Active Insight came highly recommended to us by various friends in the leisure and hospitality world, and the system they have created for us is simply invaluable.

Donald Watt, Chief Operating Officer


Mike and the Active Insight team responded to our requests for support in building a fully customisable but robust 360 degree insight regime. The link between the daily customer comments, quarterly NPS results and mystery calls and visits, and finally the more thorough annual research with users and non- users means we have the most through system I’ve worked with, in the easiest format I’ve known. Its easy to interrogate, respond to, record and report from, and it offers development opportunities should we need further enhancement. We couldn’t be happier.

When discussing the opportunities for having a comprehensive Customer Insight package that is completely accessible as an online service, Mike and the team were quick to look at how this might work for us. To now have full scrutiny on each insight method as well as a customer feedback system that allows us the flexibility for customers to feedback directly or for our team members to input verbal & written feedback all via a single transparent system means we now have complete visibility of what our customers think about us.

Mike and his team responded quickly to our request for a comprehensive Customer Insight system that we can review with ease and we now have clarity of what our customers think of us. We are able to allow the flexibility for customers to feedback directly, or for our team members to input verbal & written feedback all via a single transparent system. Great job!

Phil Steele - Director of Sport

Motorhome Depot

We have been working with Active Insight over the past few months and have found them very easy to deal with. They have helped us systematically measure our customers experience, and their easy to use software has had a huge impact in the way our customers review our service. Would highly recommend!

Bill Pegram, Director

Trafford Leisure

Thank you for your support. This has been a very helpful tool for tracking requests to freeze or cancel and the customer contact hub to have valuable communication with customers. It has enabled Trafford Leisure’s members to request to freeze or cancel and enabled staff to have a conversation of support and they’ve been able to advise those wanting to cancel to choose freeze. The opportunity for a conversation led to staff being able to share live-streamed and catch-up classes, as well as other initiatives to help customers to keep moving and connected with the brand at home. Not all customers have requested to freeze or cancel, many are still paying their monthly direct debit. The auto email following a customer’s request has also been a golden nugget to support the must needed communications. This had frequently been updated to align with what was needed to share with customers. Again – Thank you so much for your kind support and generosity during this difficult time.

Lesley Aitken
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